Recovery from work - respite research

Investigation of recovery after phases of increased demands or psychophysiological stress:

  • duration of the recovery process
  • factors facilitating recovery
  • interindividual differences in recovery management and the ability to recover
  • recovery after prolonged fatigue or burnout


Research on vacation

Investigation of the human reaction to vacation and other respites from work; topics include:

  • course of recovery during vacation
  • factors contributing to successful recreation
  • length of vacation-related recovery
  • critical stages of a vacation: beginning and end

research findings

Research on spa therapy

Research on the effect of spa therapy as well as individual spa treatments; topics include:

  • relaxation effect of individual spa treatments
  • effect of spa therapy for various disorders

research findings: see Publications


My main focus in psychophysiology is respiratory and cardiovascular psychophysiology;

Research fndings: see Publications

Dr. Gerhard Blasche


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