I focus my clinical work on two areas: biofeedback and psychotherapy. Sometimes I combine these two approaches e.g. using biofeedback within a psychotherapeutic treatment or I vary the approach, switching for example from biofeedback to psychotherapy, after consulting with the patient, if this seems advisable. 

Treatment is provided in both English and German.



is a scientifically accepted method which aims at teaching the client to alter physiological functions intentionally by measuring and "feeding back" these functions in realtime. Thereby, clients have knowledge of "what is going on" in their bodies. Biofeedback is used to treat a number of psychosomatic and neurological disorders.

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is a legally approved method in Austria to treat psychological complaints. There are a variety of psychotherapeuthic approaches such as discussing present and past troublesome experiences, developing new skills such as assertiveness or relaxation and trying out new ways of behaviour in every day life.

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Dr. Gerhard Blasche


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